Community Garden

The community garden is located at the northern, Poynders Road end of the park adjacent to Poynders Gardens Estate.  With the support of the Friends, the garden is worked by a group of local volunteers growing produce both for themselves and to be shared.  Over recent years the gardeners, with grant funding, have installed a polytunnel and several raised beds.  They have also organised sessions to learn about fruit tree maintenance.  Help from the Orchard Project and GoodGym has been invaluable to the gardeners.

What’s going on now in the community garden
The Friends and volunteers are now working to try to regenerate the Community Garden which has been difficult to maintain due to the effect of the Covid-19 restrictions. Despite all this, the spring flowers are still coming up making some corners of the garden very attractive. Some of the raised planters have also been planted with vegetables and flowers.

Gardeners are getting some of the ground ready for spring sowing and would welcome some additional volunteers to come and help do this.  There are some seeds to be sown and other tasks include sorting out the compost, clearing some of the redundant timber that has collected over the years and repairing the little greenhouse shed.

The polytunnel cover, sadly, had to be taken down at the beginning of the year again due to the pandemic and its effects. The Friends are currently applying for funds to work with some specialist gardeners to help refurbish the polytunnel and the raised beds; develop new growing spaces; refresh the soil with compost; and organise some community activities such as a Sow at Home scheme and a gardening course.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in regenerating our Community Garden by using the Contact Us.